Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hellboy vs Penanggal by Faezal

Ah hah! Hellboy. What a way to go for a second theme!
I am totally obsessed with Mike Mignola's Hellboy universe these past few years. I mean literally studying it under a microscope as though I could pick Mignola's brain while he drew his characters. One of the story that really fascinate me was the short story of Hellboy: Penanggalan.

In that story Hellboy visited one remote village in Malaysia to investigate one paranormal case involving a flying bloodsucker called Penanggal. I mean, I grew up with this scary shit Penanggal and all... If I knew Hellboy is coming here to Malaysia then, I would have said Hi.


  1. Faezal -- awesome work! I edited the title to include your name.

  2. Thanks Don, No problem at all! Thanks for adding my name to the title.

  3. a fan of mignola and hellboy myself..
    was excited when i heard (back then)the wizard Hellboy special featuring penanggalan..

    feel like i wanna consult mignola on doing ghost, ghoul, sorcery,blask magic & which doctor on Malaya...