Sunday, November 27, 2011

80's X-Men catch-up: Storm by Sheldon Goh

So yeah, I finally made some time to make a dent in my DrawLAAHHH backlog. The 80's were a very special time in comics, with an explosion of some truly amazing superhero comic book stories and the Uncanny X-Men were the vanguard of that. I especially remember fondly the artwork of John Romita JR and Paul Smith (I came onboard after John Byrne left, but rediscovered his run later through reprints in Classic X-Men) and of course, those stories by the legendary Chris Claremont.

A couple of the standout stories from that time period though, were illustrated by the great Barry Windsor Smith. His Wolverine-and-Katie-Power-versus-Lady-Deathstrike issue was classic. As was the great LifeDeath.

So anyway, here's mohawk Storm, quintessential 80's X-Men.

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  1. i remember reading Xmen on the 80s.. Storm look is 80s look. nuff said.