Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Authority: Jenny Quantum vs The Main Man by Faezal

I have to admit that I am truly ignorant about The Authority Universe. I have seen them around, but I never actually had the chance to read them. However, I stumbled upon this story when Keith Giffen, Alan Grant & Simon Bisley did Lobo/The Authority: Holiday Hell crossover special. One of the oddest, funniest and bloodiest story I've ever read. In this issue, Jenny Quantum (the successor of late Jenny Sparks) was a walking talking toddler that believed Lobo The Main Man have killed Santa Claus.

Jenny Quantum went head to head with the Main Man, guess who's kicking who's butt? Guess again...


  1. Nice job, man! Sounds like a really weird story! :D

  2. *Doesn't know who Jenny Quantum is* Google Image shows up adult versions of said character. D:

    Regardless, love this piece!