Monday, October 17, 2011

Major Zombie vs Orang Mutan by Faezal

Another signature landing of Major Zombie... right on the side of the Orang Mutan's face!

Orang Mutan was an idea that I had for a side villain in my previous Major Zombie story. It was basically a pumped-up-mutant-cyborg's version of Orang Utan. Unfortunately, the character didn't make it into the pages because the character required lot of pages (even the character itself occupied lot of space on a page). So we scraped the idea, and I never get to spend time visualizing it on paper.

After having the idea of him floating around for a while, well this is (sort of...) how I imagine the Orang Mutan would be.


  1. A couple of things:

    1) I love the name "Orang Mutan" and the play on the word "orangutan" -- very clever!

    2) I love how all the MZ pieces can almost tell a story. MZ pounds Orang Mutan, then jumps, then lands, the poses, then chills out with a fat cigar....while Kaktus waits. :P

    Great piece, Faezal! :)

  2. Thanks Alan!

    Hahahaha Don, I totally concur! I didn't see it but you're right about the storytelling between all our MZ drawings. I can already imagine it in my head of what the next sequence would be... perhaps a new story for Major Zombie?